15 Best Blogs To Follow About Real Estate

1. Zillow Porchlight
Covers a range of topics from market trends to home improvement and buying/selling tips.
2. Inman
Offers in-depth analysis, news, and perspectives on real estate, technology, and trends.
3. Redfin Blog
Provides market insights, real estate news, and tips for buyers and sellers.
4. BiggerPockets
A hub for real estate investors, offering forums, educational content, and insights into various investment strategies.
5. Realtor.com News & Insights
Delivers expert advice, trends, and news updates relevant to buyers, sellers, and homeowners.
6. The Close
Focuses on real estate sales strategies, techniques, and advice for agents and brokers.
7. Curbed
Covers real estate, architecture, and urban planning, offering diverse perspectives on housing and design trends.
8. HousingWire
Provides news, analysis, and insights into the mortgage and real estate markets.
9. Real Estate Business Institute (REBI) Blog
Offers educational content, industry updates, and professional development resources for real estate professionals.
10. Apartment Therapy
Focuses on home design, decor inspiration, and lifestyle tips, catering to homeowners and renters alike.
11. Real Estate Investing Today
Focuses on real estate investing strategies, trends, and insights for both beginners and experienced investors.
12. CRE Online
Focuses on real estate investing, specifically in the realm of creative real estate strategies.
13. Realty Times
Covers real estate news, market trends, and advice for consumers and industry professionals.
14. Real Estate Investing Blog by Mashvisor
Provides data-driven insights, market analysis, and tips for real estate investors.
15. Real Wealth Network
Offers education and insights into various aspects of real estate investing, including rental properties and market trends.
Each of these blogs offers unique perspectives and insights into different facets of the real estate world, catering to a diverse audience ranging from homebuyers and sellers to investors and industry professionals.

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